Cleaning up

2011-02-06 17:18:26 by padraig08

Hey all,

Just thought I'd let you all know, I cleaned up my Audio submissions a bit. I really am not educated when it comes to music, and until I become better at understanding and constructing music, I don't want some of these pieces to be all I've made. I deleted a few of the less good varitey and left up a bunch I felt weren't half bad.


A flash.... are you Mad!?

2011-01-23 06:55:07 by padraig08

I made a flashy thing, go see it!

Me? On Teh NEwgRoundS!!!112!!!

2009-03-28 03:12:17 by padraig08

why yes thank you.
Hello all, I am padraig08, also known as popsickle59 on the youtubes My Youtubez and Pat where all major beverages are sold. me n my buddy ChaosSkittle His Utubz are trying to make a band, with the fact that niether of us have musical talent or instrument...... but i did has a compy. so this is a nice portal to post band related and unrelated stuff, hope you enjoy this, and I might do flash in the future, but for now It's a mystery to me. :D

Me? On Teh NEwgRoundS!!!112!!!