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Halo - BoM Halo - BoM

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice sprite work

definitely holds some promise. as far as a trailer goes, it's nice. Hope you can enlist some more people for the full thing. good job dude.

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WGJ4K: Game Chat WGJ4K: Game Chat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty damn funny

I applaude you for some originality in an otherwise stale videogame parody genre. awesome job

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I love the HALO World I love the HALO World

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the beauty is in its simplicity

bravo, quite clever

SFTCS Part 1 SFTCS Part 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Ok..... in the animation

the animation was tolerable, but the voice acting and writing break this one, sorry. You still have potential

Super Mario bros Z ep.8 Super Mario bros Z ep.8

Rated 5 / 5 stars

finally got the right bowser voice

the other made him sound to owefish, this is the real roar he deserves

Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

me favorite

I have to say this is my favorite out of all of them, I love the next 2 and 5, but this just goes so well in the narative and quickly adds and disposes of new characters, its a true dbz epic

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The Ballad of CrippleKane The Ballad of CrippleKane

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I laughed, I cried, I went poo poo.

very nice, always nice to c some qulaity diversity on newgrounds. and im a sucker for a good western

Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

epic nostalgia win!!!!!

Love it you used the Bomberman 64 opening song..... I might just love you

Brawl Funnies [dick 3] Brawl Funnies [dick 3]

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Didn't watch, but interesting point

A majoriy of people who have come to newgrounds or started them into newgrounds were video game parodies. Because really when nerds and nerd culture runs the internet, u need to use relation to things. thats why in tv, movies, and almost any art form today u c satire and parody is the seemingly most popular form of humor. With the number of cartoons and animations out there, people like a safer feeling with video game character and thing they can relate to.

Especially with the amount of "original" shit around here. Like intentional ear rape and animation tests. People are inspired by what they are exposed to. in nerd culture thats video games and other media. On newgrounds its majority rule, and that's nerd, and nerd culture majority, we like the simple and the parody, which is what brawl taunts is like egoraptor and many others.

Also as for youtube, it doesn 't have to make sense to be good and funny, for example look at any youtube poop by boogidyboo or krobo, they're funny and make little to no sense. It's the random stupidity that really appeals to us, me at least.

Also, Gay

dreftclub responds:

A few months ago ashford pride made a movie with a foreboding title. It was called "Awesome Grounds".

Well ladies and gentlemen, that's might as well what this site should be called (at least right now), with the top row on the front page slot dedicated to an "awesome" movie and an "awesome" parody, an "awesome" t-shirt in the newgrounds store, and pretty much every "awesome" movie in the top 100, along with han's "awesome's creed".

I can't go to newgrounds with seeing something not about egoraptor or his coveted video game parody series. It makes me wonder sometimes if pursuing anything but half-assed cartoons making mildly funny observations about video games laced with profanity is even worth it. Truly, they are what bring the masses of 13-year olds to this site, and thus increases traffic and competition in the internet world. But you have to ask yourself, with this sort of two-bit audience increasing in numbers, are they really interested in watching anything else?

I understand that it's a dog eat dog world in the online entertainment business, and to compete you have to pretty much put up content that a majority of internet browsers would click on. This includes either women or video games. Things they already know they want. And that's all they want. They sign up, watch more, and come back and do it again later. They're trained to know that what they want is easily accessible and is promoted all over the site.

Original content is often shuffled off to the bottom of the page, or never gets any attention to begin with. Now comes into play the whole 'they won't click on it unless there's a boob for the icon', etc etc. That's because they've been fashioned to think that way.

I'm not saying i have all the mysterious answers to the way people's minds work. But this much is true - if all people click on are breasts and video game icons, and you give them breasts and video game icons, you're not pushing the envelope.

Newgrounds is the epitome of user-generated content. We already have a massive advantage over youtube in the fact that making a cartoon involves so much more creativity than snappily editing your webcam footage. So instead of 200 cartoons coming out every minute, we have 200 cartoons coming out every day. That gives someone a better chance of breaking out and being discovered for his hard work, and a reward for a job well done.

But in the same way that viewers are trained that they don't have to go out of their way to avoid original content they would otherwise enjoy, authors are becoming more and more disenchanted with their personal creations and are turning to nerd culture icons and cheap tactics to get viewers.

I can't tell you how many animators I have spoken to that have shunned their own creations in favor of sub-pop culture parody and disjointed scripts sprinkled with toilet humor and profanity. a cartoon catering to everyone who's forgotten what cartoons are all about. And here we are shoving away everything about cartoons that was originally appealing and magical, because we're pretty much forced to.

I'm not pointing the finger at any one person here. I think it's part of the bigger picture - bigger than Newgrounds, too. But if people really care about the future of cartoons and animation, we wouldn't be seeing this kind of blatant favoritism.

People will find what they want if they want it. They don't need to be spoon fed it all.

For thirty years animators who strive to create something genuinely unique have gotten nothing but a slap in the face. It's sickening and it has to stop someday, before they all disappear.

Lastly, this post is not about me. I'm not writing this out of self-pity, bitterness or spite. I'm being honest. I care a lot about the future of animation, and what I see around me is very troubling. The industry is bad enough, but where the future lies is in the small corners of the animation world. Newgrounds is one of them. I spend a lot of time trying to encourage and teach frame-by-frame animation, and creating your own characters and scripts. That is what is important

One More Brawl Taunts One More Brawl Taunts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yet again.....beautiful

series and flashes like this are why I've come to newgrounds since 2005. Makes me happy inside